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Only time determines visual quality
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Check out some of our work

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  • Bubu Studio and I have been working together since the end of 2010, on both the short and full version of the movie “The Foreigner”, the latter developed the following year. Our last project, the film “Living legends”, involved the editing of all the trailers and TV spots, as well as the Orlin Pavlov’s soundtrack video clip. The movie was a great success due to the marketing resources developed by Bubu Studio. It was well received both by local and international audience with its high quality and vision.

    Niki Iliev
    Niki IlievCEO & Director at Niki Iliev Films
  • I work with Bubu Studio more than three years, during which time we had more than 10 projects together. Last we worked together on the new TVC for the brand Pufies. The result, as always, was excellent. I can boldly say that the work with Bubu is extremely easy - easy communication, accurate and timely response and really quality postproduction. Bubu Studio is one of the reliable partners who you can quickly learn to count.

    Svetomira Vacheva
    Svetomira VachevaBrand Manager at Ficosota
  • We’ve been working with Bubu Studio since 2011. The last project we worked on together was Fludrex, Himax Farma. The results from our collaboration were a beautiful and professional production of an animated TV spot. Both we and the studio were very pleased with the final product.

    Petar Boyadzhiev
    Petar BoyadzhievManaging Partner at Gobox Advertising Agency
  • We started working with Bubu Studio in the end of 2014 on the post-production of a clip for the ZiGi brand. We chose them with certainty that they would do a fantastic job, due to the many projects they’ve done for us in the past. Work has always been smooth and communication easy. The BUbu Studio team is flexible, fast, creative and helpful, thus working with them is always a pleasure, and the results better than expected!

    The Bakers
    The Bakers
  • We work with Bubu Studio from the beginning of 2013. Our first project was tied to a very short deadline, was extremely complex and and had a high standard expectation from our client. Being very pleased and impressed by the quick reactions, positive attitude and quality end product, we have made a beginning of a successful collaboration that continues to this day. The last project realized with Bubu Studio was post-production of new videos of Blizoo. The results of our work on our last common project are visible in the TV air - some wonderful video, filmed and worked with a lot of desire, which cover the high standarts of the advertising agency and the end user.

    Velntina Ilieva
    Velntina IlievaHappyend Production & Design
  • We in Facing The Sun manage a portfolio of audio-video content of the most famous Bulgarian hip-hop and pop artists. We work daily with videos and manage advertising projects in the entertainment sector. When shooting one of these projects everything went  absolutely wrong and only the intervention of the very experienced team of Bubu Studio managed to save it. We were particularly impressed not only by the professional work of the team that made poor source material into quality end product but also by the accurate, timely and clear communication. Despite the short deadlines, in which we were placed and the upcoming Easter holidays, Bubu Studio fulfilled all promises on time. For us this was a sign that their work is on the highest standards in the industry. They work with high efficiency, honest and responsible concern in the implementation of all commitments. As for the above we gladly would recommend our partners Bubu Studio to anyone who needs fast, expert and quality solution in the field of visual effects and video postproduction.

    Plamen Katev
    Plamen KatevProject Management & Legal at Facing the Sun
  • With this reference, I would like to express our satisfaction with our collaboration with Bubu Studio team. As an associate professor at the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing Munich (BAW) and manager of FORMI Germany I have very high standards for our contractors. In 2014 we started working with Bubu Studio. The first project  which we worked together was creating stereoscopic video interactive performance for Roadshow of Samsung Medical in Germany. The team of studio performed exceptionally well, following exactly our concept and direction. The last project that we worked together was creating an interactive video for installation at the stand of OFS - A Furukawa Company. Our collaboration with Bubu can be best described in two words - professional and accountable. The team has proven to be flexible and perfectly complements ours.We are glad that to us Bubu Studio turned by subcontractors to responsible partners. Thanks to the successful collaboration.

    Simeon Marchev
    Simeon MarchevCEO at Formi
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